Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Three months... Let's review...

This weekend we were at Justin's parents' house, and Justin was going through papers and school work and keepsakes from when he was little... including his baby book. Mrs. DeWell was VERY STUDIOUS in recording milestones each week from when Justin was a baby until he was several years old. Her advice was to write down something that happens each week, because you think you'll remember these things but you won't.

Yesterday was Liam's 3-month birthday. Today we begin recording! Here! For God and everyone to read! Get ready for poop stories.

So let's play catch-up. These are a few of my favorite memories:

1. Coming home from Memorial Day at Mel's, feeding Liam in the furniture store parking lot on 37, and changing the subsequent blow-out on the tailgate of the truck. (Yay poop!)

2. Learning he can shove his hands in his mouth. This started in June - he would stick'em both in there, roll on his side, and moan. But no teeth yet.

3. My baby slept in our room with us for the first 8 weeks. Too many times I fell asleep with him breastfeeding. Talk about waking up in a panic!

4. I love breastfeeding. I love how his arm curls around my side, his eyes roll up in his sleepy head, and his fingers brush my skin. Sweet little baby! (Now, if only people wouldn't make snarky comments, or leave the room when I do it.)

5. He is sitting between my legs right now, and helping me type. He's blowing bubbles, rocking back and forth, and grabbing my arms.

6. His fingernails grow so fast!

7. I don't know when it happened exactly, but was so awesome when he started smiling, and then started laughing, and then started smiling and laughing when we smiled and laughed first.

8. Last night we laid him down for bed, with his head at the door end of the crib. 20 minutes later I went to check on him, and his feet were at the door end of the crib. Three Stooges walk? We took the crib bumpers out, now that he's figured out how to move around so much in there, and since he can't roll himself over all the way.

9. Bathtime is a riot. He switches between kicking his legs and flailing his arms and splashing, and sticking his legs straight out and standing against the tub wall.

10. And now it's your turn... what are your favorite Liam moments so far?


  1. What about his furry ears? You love his furry ears.

  2. April 4--Easter Sunday--Liam's Baptism Day. As Pastor Stelljes used the water and the Word of God, the Holy Spirit put faith in his heart and Liam became a Child of God.

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