Monday, August 29, 2011

Hypothetical Question

Here is a completely hypothetical question.

If you were moving to another country for 5 years, which of your possessions would you take with you, which would you put in storage, and which would you sell / donate / pitch?

Again this is a completely hypothetical question, because we are NOT moving anywhere (not that it wouldn't be completely AWESOME...).

Here are Mommy's answers:

Take:  Liam's quilt, our quilt, my Brown Palace Hotel coffee mug, one week's worth of clothes, computer and external hard-drive with all our pictures, camera, miniature bunny hutch from Germany
Store: wine cabinet and Liam's table and stool from Grandpa J
Get rid of: everything else

Daddy's answers were basically the same, but he would also store his Collection (you know what I'm talking about) and he would take along the dvd collection (meh).

Question of the Day:  What would you take?  Store?  Get rid of?

EDIT: Ok, so we would also store Liam's cross-stitch from Mamaw and model airplanes from Grandpa J.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Liam Rides a Horse... Kind Of

Yee-haw, Buckaroo!

Wait, aren't cowboys supposed to wear chaps? Or, you know... pants?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Liam's First Fort

We made a fort yesterday, and guess what?


However, Daddy may have spent more time in it than the kid.

"Discotheque, anyone?"

Yeah, Daddy really liked the fort.  (Please don't mind the random socks.)

Ok, so Liam spent some time in there, too.

Then, of course, the fort started falling apart.

Liam may have helped it along a bit.

But it was fun while it lasted!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oldies But Goodies

Last weekend was pretty busy for Liam.  On Saturday he went with Daddy and Papaw to an antique tractor show.  There was lots to see, and we all had a lot of fun.  Rather than boring everyone with words, we will jump right in to the pictures.
"Hey, what's that over there?" 

"Look, that little thing is blowing smoke rings!" 

This red and green contraption was an over-elaborate can crusher being powered by a lawn tractor.

Here is another shot of the crusher.  Does anyone else find it odd that the guy running the crusher is missing one arm?

"There is so much to see, and I don't know where to go first!" 

"C'mon, lets go this way." 

"Oooohhh, what's that?" 

 "Greeeeen Acres is the place for me..."

I think Liam would have been happy if we left him on that little tractor all day long.

They're like Skittles tractors.
They even had some old steam powered tractors.  When Liam saw them, he kept making the sign for train.  One of them was built in the 1880s and has been in the same family ever since.

Food on the go.


The show was right next to the Greensburg Airport, and they were letting out skydivers all day long.

Liam even made some new friends.  He wanted me to buy him some Big League Chew after hanging out with these guys.

He was fascinated with this team of wooden horses.

Playing drums on Papaw's head.
So hot, so thirsty.  Water tastes better when it comes from a tractor cup.

This place used an old John Deere motor to run two ice cream churns.  We of course had to try some, and it was AWESOME.

"MMMM, strawberry-y"

"MMMM, peanutbutter-y"

"Look, four-legged tractors"

"Daddy, I'm tired"

While we were there, Daddy bought some handmade wooden toys.  Liam is now the proud owner of an old-timey car,  a 4-car train set, and a tractor with a manure spreader. 

After our busy day Saturday, we decided "Why not be crazy and go to Spring Mill".  So we did.  We went Sunday afternoon with Matt, Laura, and Laura's cousin Tootsie.  Most of the park is your average state park, but they also have a pioneer village with a working grist mill.  The mill was built in 1817 and the water wheel was originally fed by a cave spring.  Hence the name "Spring Mill".  The mill still uses the wheel, but the water now comes from a pipe, not the spring.  They run the mill every hour.  The day we were there, they were grinding corn meal.  Whatever they grind, they sell, so we are now the proud owners of locally ground corn meal.  Anyway, on to the pictures.
The mill and the village.

The mill and a creek.

Mommy and Liam tried to break in to the pottery building, but had no luck.

"Everybody, look at me and take my picture!"

Mommy got lost in the garden maze.  "Please help me."

Liam was stalking another toddler that he had met at the doctor's office a few months ago.

"What, are you tired or something?  Lets GO!"

"Hey, where are the horses?"

Dance Monkey!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Week

This child is growing up. Did you know that he can wash his hands? He can indeed, if Mommy holds him up to the sink. He wets his hands, picks up and rubs the soap, sets it back down on the soapdish, rinses his hands, and dries them off (kind of) on the towel. Now I think we need a step stool, so Mommy doesn't have to dangle him over the sink; the kid is getting heavy!

"I wanna be like Dad when I grow up."

Art class with Daddy.

Riding Snickers.

And Snickers is done.

Our friend Sarah moved away to college this week, so on Wednesday she came down to spend the afternoon with Mommy and Liam.  We went to lunch at the Village Deli.  Liam ate all of Mommy's blueberries but wouldn't touch his PB&J sandwich.  While we waited for our food Liam and Sarah ate ice cubes and played with a spoon.

Spoon on Sarah's nose.

Spoon on Liam's nose.

We had to stop at The Runcible Spoon for dessert; last time they had an out-of-this-world lemon tart.  Mommy called the restaurant that morning to check on desserts: no tart, but they had a lemon mousse cake we wanted to try.  However, by the time we got there they were down to peach berry cobbler and lemon poppyseed pound cake.  Mommy got some cobbler, we stopped at a shop on the square, and it was time to head home.

Sitting in a chair like a big boy.  Kind of?

Of course, no trip to Ellettsville is complete without a stop at Jiffy Treet, right?  It would be Sarah's last chance for quite a while.

Don't be so sad - you're getting ice cream!

And then there was Tuesday, when Liam started daycare again.  He's still just attending one afternoon each week.  Last school year he just Would Not Take a Nap.  Mommy was worried he wouldn't be able to settle down for a nap on Tuesday, since he's down to one per day and needs to cry / play himself to sleep in his crib at home.  BUT!  Just look!  He took a nap for a whole hour!

When Mommy picked him up, his teachers said he did just great and was happy all day!  Hmm... maybe he should go more often...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nap Time in the Clink

The Vegetable Patch

Mommy's garden is in the front yard this year.  This is a much better set up, since Mommy can actually get a hose to it, and she thinks of taking care of it each time she walks past.

Liam has been helping Mommy with the garden.  His favorite thing to do is play in use the watering can to water the lettuce.  Also, eat all the ripe cherry tomatoes then sign, "more, More, MORE!" until Mommy gives in and picks the orange-ish, might-be-ripe-tomorrow tomatoes.

Here is the garden patch:

Kind of a mess, right?  Look at the next picture and let me explain.  The two black "circles" are two different kinds of mystery tomatoes.  Uh, we have forgotten what they were since bringing them home from the market.  The same goes for the cherry tomato.  That is the plant outlined in red.  Yeah, it has pretty much taken over everything.  The yellow outline is a pair of yellow summer squash.  The purple is a zucchini plant that is bigger than Liam, and the leaves are bigger than his head.  There are also a couple pepper plants in there... somewhere.  Click on the photo to zoom in.

Here is our second zucchini.  This one was made into brownies today.  Which still need to be frosted.

A couple of gorgeous tomatoes.  They just keep getting bigger and bigger... We are going to have tomatoes for every meal if they all ripen at the same time.

Anaheim peppers.  Which are not spicy.  So we won't be buying those again.

Jalapenos!  Yum!

And our first, very tiny yellow summer squash.  It just might be swallowed up by the cherry tomato.

It is great having the garden in front of the house this year, but it really needs more space.  Should we move the garden back down the hill next year and plant the front with flowers, or invest in some tomato cages / smaller veg varieties?