Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Liam Loves Liesl

Mommy went to a bachelorette party last Tuesday. It was wild!

(Actually, it was pretty laid back, just the way Mommy likes it.)

While Mommy was partying, Daddy and Liam dropped by Movie Night at Scott and Peggy's house. They just got a new puppy - a Maltese named Liesl.

If you know Liam, you know he loves puppies. He's gotten knocked down many times trying to give Bounder and Snickers hugs while they were playing.

But Liam and Liesl seem a bit more evenly matched, wouldn't you say?

Daddy said Liam kept trying to pick up Liesl and hug her like he does his stuffed Little Lamb.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

In the Words of the Master of Ceremonies, "Leben und Leben Lassen"

Search "parenting" books on Amazon.com and there are over 61,000 results. Did you have any idea there was so much to be written on the subject?

When I was pregnant, my friend lent me a book called "On Becoming Babywise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep." In it, the author requires encourages moms and dads to put their baby on a 3-hour schedule as soon as possible. Baby wakes up, eats, plays, goes back to sleep. He says, "Mom, not baby, decides when the nap is over." According to Gary Ezzo, attachment parenting and on-demand feeding is right out, so that Baby does not become spoiled. Uh, yeahhhh.

And then there are the attachment parenting people. Keep your baby with you all the time... Feed the baby when he asks... Crying it out is cruel... Sleep with the baby in your bed... Lose your ever-loving mind...

But you know what? Each of those methods work for some people, and parts of each work for a lot of people.

Confession time: I judge other mothers. I'm not proud of it, but I do. I know they judge me too. (No cake?? Scandalous!) But you know what? Their choices work for them, and ours work for us. The world would be boring if everyone made the same parenting choices.

You see, as it turns out, there is no law about how you raise your kid. There are no laws broken when you give your kid a piece of cake, and no one dies if you don't give your baby dirt pudding. Neither breastfeeding into toddlerhood nor choosing formula from the start will scar a child or make him a brilliant scholar.

So from now on, I'm NOT going to judge other moms. Because motherhood is tough enough without our sisters' support.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

News From The DLT

In case you are wondering what the DLT is, it is The Department of Liam Transportion. Not The Decadent Life of Trolls....no matter what Mommy tries to tell you.

So, back to the big news. Liam got a new wagon for his birthday from Uncle Nick and Aunt Lauren.....and he loves it!

"This is AWSOME! Now PULL ME!"

He even made his Grandma J pull him around.

"What do you mean we can't go in the street? This is a Hot Rod!"

He was not as happy with Daddy as his driver.
"How am I supposed to pick up chicks with The Old Man driving?"

So he decided to take matters in to his own hands.
"Lock up your daughters, because here I come!"

At least he took my advice about maintenance.
"3,000 miles already! I'm gonna go broke changing the oil in this thing!"

He didn't want any help though.
"Hey, you stay away from my wheels!"

This may be the start of something bad.....

"The only way to keep Daddy away from my ride is to never get out. I wonder if Mommy will give me my meals in here?"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Have I Reached the Party To Whom I Am Speaking?

"One ringy-dingy..."

Calling Kyrgyzstan, or whoever is at 388800003223388888**1**00000#... et cetera.

Catching One's Breath

Today we accomplished:

Door guy came to re-measure the opening; called back to say they could produce a door to fit.

Carpets have been professionally cleaned (maybe Mommy doesn't hate the carpets afterall!).

Phone call from Cathy - she and the kids sang Happy Birthday to and chatted with Mommy.

Three poopy diapers, including one that might have accidentally been flushed half-way down the toilet because there was mayhem. (It survived!)

Two and a half baths - and counting! Mommy's bath made the biggest mess... because Liam kept putting things into and taking them (full of water) back out of the tub.

One dog digging to China. Once Liam threw some bricks in the hole Bounder stopped digging, but he has been lying in front of it for the last 4 hours.

One hastily gobbled piece of chocolate cake. Which Daddy so lovingly made for Mommy's birthday.

One sleeping baby curled up in his crib, and one tired Mommy curled up with a book.

And it's only 3 o'clock!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


It's been awhile, hasn't it? Over a week! Well, it has been a busy week... and it's kind of difficult to talk about because...

On Tuesday, for the first time, Liam went to DAYCARE.

Mommy decided that she needed a couple hours a week to herself - to sit quietly, or concentrate on a project, or go shopping and eat ice cream. Liam understood this - he is a very understanding baby - and suggested he go to daycare one afternoon per week. He thought it would be a good place for him to make and play with friends, and he is right!

Faith Lutheran Church's preschool / child care is a really cute little daycare center, with naps and snacks and caregivers willing to cloth diaper. When Mommy dropped him off, Liam didn't even seem to notice she was gone; he went straight over to play with the toys.

But Mommy noticed. She cried all the way out the door and up the hill and into the car. She stopped weeping by the time she got to Steak'n Shake, where she drowned her sorrows in a mint shake. (Ok, she got some work done too - yay free WiFi!) And she even managed to stay away (almost) the whole 4 hours.

Meanwhile, Daddy was gone last week to California for three and half days.

And we got new windows, and almost a new door, and are planning Liam's first birthday party for this coming Saturday... .But those are stories for another night.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Epic Fail

Whoever designed the slip-on crib rail teething guards...

...is SO fired.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When the cat's away, the mice will play...

So, Mommy went to a meeting tonight, leaving Daddy and Liam home alone. Good thing she left Snickers in charge, otherwise who knows what would have happened......

"Ok Dad, she's gone.....now's our chance to be bad!"

"C'mon Daddy, let's have some fun!"

And that is exactly what we did. Liam started by playing chase with Bounder. (Be sure to have your sound on).

This was followed by more chasing Bounder. Luckily for Bounder, Liam is easily distracted.

After some playing, it was time for dinner. Mommy is awesome, and put a chicken in the oven before she left, so Daddy and Liam ate good tonight. Liam could have eaten more probably, but was just too tire to chew.....

"Daddy, I'm sleepy, and I miss Mommy."