Friday, January 27, 2012


Liam has a highly developed sense of fashion.

Exhibit A: Jammies and snow boots

Exhibit B: Hunting hat, accessorized with lap quilt and dump truck

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nature is Fluffy... and Kind of Ugly

Yesterday we watched this video:

Liam was concerned that the owl was eating mice, so I explained how some animals eat smaller ones; owls happen to eat mice.  He decided that was alright.

Now if you ask him, "Liam what does the owl say to the mouse?" he will tell you...

"Bye, mowsh!"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Disgusting, But It Was Sure to Happen Some Time...

Today Liam pooped.  Not so out of the ordinary.  But this was new...

Liam:  *grunt...grunt...grunt*

Mommy, calling to Liam in the other room:  "Liam, did you poop?"

Liam:  "NO!"

Mommy, under her breath:  Yeah, right.

5 minutes later...

Liam:  *gigglegigglegigglegiggle*

Snickers:  *licklicklicklick*

Mommy gets up to investigate...

Mommy:  "Show me your hands...  Where did you get.... please say that is chocolate???  Ohhhhh, nooooo."

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Three Days of Christmas

We're baaack!  Did you miss us?

Of course you did.  You don't have to say it - we know.

We had three days of Christmas this year, and we might finally be recovered.  Our first day was Christmas Eve, when we went to Mamaw and Papaw's house to have lunch and presents with them and Aunt Lauren, Uncle Nick and Cousin Grayson. From there we went to Christmas Eve services after supper.

But first, Liam had to put the finishing touches on Mamaw and Papaw's present.  (He got them a pack'n'play so he could stay overnight at their house.)  (Ok, so that was kind of a present for Mommy and Daddy.)  (Of which they have already made use.)  (Oh yeah!)  (Parentheses!)

They had better save this paper - it's going to be worth some money when Liam is king of the world some day.
We also needed to finish Cousin Grayson's present - a first Christmas ornament.  Liam and Mommy made some salt dough cut-out shapes, and Daddy helped Liam paint them.  And yes, that would be a tie-dyed shirt over his diaper, tied with a rubber band in the back like a tail.  Liam drove Daddy crazy by asking for blue paint, telling him it was wrong, then proceeding to ask for blue again.  And again.  And again.

We're cheap crafty.
At Christmas Eve Liam got a backpack from Cousin Grayson, which he loves.  But he especially loves the Tractor Day book that was inside.  He calls it "Tratur! - DEEEE tratur!"  We read it every night.

Other presents?  What?
Mamaw and Papaw also gave him a little tent with a tunnel.  This is the tunnel.

And this is what happened when we brought the tunnel home:

Hey, who turned out the lights!?
 It was then relegated to the hallway.

The next morning was Christmas.  We stayed home.  It was lovely.  It was relaxing.  It was perfect.

First thing when we woke up, Liam padded down the hall and found his first present, a play kitchen.

Even before we opened the rest of the presents, Liam had to make us some breakfast.  Mmmm... Chocolate, fennel bulb, pickle, pear, chicken, and bread.  It doesn't get much better than that!

Great Memaw got the boys miniature tractors.  Liam likes to chew on the rubber wheels until they come off in his mouth.  We still have not found one of the two front wheels.  What's that you say?  Did he pass it?  Uh, we don't care that much about finding out.

Liam also got a toy vacuum.  At least one person in this family should learn how to use one!

Run Snickers!!
After presents, Mommy made pancakes.  Since it was a special day, we ate in the living room and watched the Muppet Christmas Carol. 

Oh yeah, this is also one of his favorite presents from Mamaw and Papaw - a toy instrument set.  It's really a great set, with drumsticks, maracas, cymbals, a trumpet that plays three notes, castanets, and a whistle.  Our family band time can get pretty noisy though...

That tent stayed in the hallway for quite a few days.  Liam took to vacuuming it.  Which is nice, because then Mommy didn't have to.

The tent has since moved to Liam's room, where he reads books with his stuffed animals.

Back to Christmas!  On the 26th we went to Great-Memaw's house to celebrate with the aunts and uncles and cousins.  Liam and AJ made friends, and even shared the toy cars... once in awhile.

Race you for pinks?
The four boys (three 2-year olds and a 3-year old) sat at the kids' table.  It was chaos waiting to happen.

Sure, they LOOK innocent now...
And then chaos happened, complete with crying (Owen) over spilled milk (Liam!).  But the noodles more than made up for it.  "Boo-doo!  Boo-doo boo-doo boo-doo!" says Liam.

We did presents after lunch.  There are no pictures of this, because with 6 boys 3 years and under, presents were done in about 4.2 seconds.  How did Liam like that?  Wellll... he kind of forgot about opening his own presents, and instead wanted to steal the other boys' new toys.  Mommy was embarrassed.

The boys began hitting walls, so we quick took family pictures with Great-Memaw.

Again, they just LOOK innocent.
And of course there was Cousin Grayson, with whom Liam is in love.  These two are going to be big trouble when they get older!

How was YOUR Christmas?