Friday, January 7, 2011

Merry Christmas, Great-Grandma Mary!

That Grandpa Peeber, he is a crafty one!

It all started on Saturday. "Hey, Ruthie... Would you and Liam like to go up and see my mom this week?" Grandpa asked. It took all of ohh, 3 seconds for Mommy to decide.

"Yes! Get me out of this nut house!" (Ok, she left out that last part.)

On Tuesday the three of us drove all the way to exotic Naperville, Illinois, to Great Aunt Celeste's house, with a quick stop at Great Uncle Denny's house.

Great-Grandma Mary was already at Celeste's house. She knew Grandpa was coming up north to join them for dinner, but she didn't know Mommy and Liam were coming. Surprise!

Dinner was lovely, of course, as it always is with Celeste. And Liam got to sit in Great-Grandpa Bill's high chair to eat.

The next morning Mommy sat with Celeste and Grandpa, looked at old family pictures and listened to stories. Celeste and Grandpa need to make late New Year's Resolutions to write down or record these stories! Because otherwise this wonderful history will be lost!

We all (Grandma Mary, Mommy, Liam, Grandpa, Celeste, Roger, Jake, and even Denny) got together for lunch before we three headed back south.

We detoured through Klaasville and Brunswick, the little towns that... Great-Grandma's... mother's... ancestors founded. Did I get that right? They were teeny tiny, but they were sweet.

Of course, no DeWell trip could be complete without a stop at an ice cream shop (though we didn't eat any). We stopped at Fair Oaks Dairy, JUST IN TIME TO SEE A CALF BORN! It was a little painful to watch that poor mama cow labor with a whole bull calf. (Ooh, that poor mama cow!) But seriously, how cool was that?? We also took the tour through the dairy barns, and although they seem to take care of the cows very well, it would be a depressing life....

"Mooo... Time to get milked... Mooo... Time to go back to my sandbed in the barn... Mooo... Time to get milked... Mooo... Time to go back to my sandbed in the barn..."

But we got to see a cow being born! And then we drove home.

Oh look, a Jawa... doing karate?...

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