Wednesday, March 23, 2011

News From The DLT

In case you are wondering what the DLT is, it is The Department of Liam Transportion. Not The Decadent Life of matter what Mommy tries to tell you.

So, back to the big news. Liam got a new wagon for his birthday from Uncle Nick and Aunt Lauren.....and he loves it!

"This is AWSOME! Now PULL ME!"

He even made his Grandma J pull him around.

"What do you mean we can't go in the street? This is a Hot Rod!"

He was not as happy with Daddy as his driver.
"How am I supposed to pick up chicks with The Old Man driving?"

So he decided to take matters in to his own hands.
"Lock up your daughters, because here I come!"

At least he took my advice about maintenance.
"3,000 miles already! I'm gonna go broke changing the oil in this thing!"

He didn't want any help though.
"Hey, you stay away from my wheels!"

This may be the start of something bad.....

"The only way to keep Daddy away from my ride is to never get out. I wonder if Mommy will give me my meals in here?"

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  1. Daddy, this was great! I laughed hysterically!