Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy (4 Month) Birthday!

Today Liam is 4 months old! He can roll over, blow raspberries, and jabber like it's his job. And this week he can sit up... but keep a hand nearby - he is still a little tippy!

This past weekend we made a whirlwind trip to Wisconsin. First, Liam visited with his Aunt Celeste, Uncle Roger, and Great Grandma Mary. Uncle Roger watched a baseball game on TV with Liam and now Liam is an expert.

On Friday night he met Grandpa J's family - Aunt Mary and Uncle Gary, Aunt Jane, Aunt Judy, and Bonnie. Cousins Scott and Anna were there too, along with Cousin Carrie and baby Addison. Mommy's godfather Dennis and his wife Becky came to visit, and so did Aunt Haley and her mom and dad.

Saturday evening he went tailgating for Mommy's 10 year high school reunion, enjoyed his first live baseball game (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs. the Great Lakes Loons), and saw his first fireworks (which were MESMERIZING).

He spent Sunday after church with Grandma J's family and met his cousins, Brittany and Ashton, cousins Nicole, Phil, and Sara, Aunt Carol and Uncle Wayne, Aunt Colleen and Uncle Lynn, Aunt Nancy, and Great Grandma Biwer.

On the way out of Madison we got a flat tire...and Liam took care of it all by himself in a Menard's parking lot...with a little help from Daddy. Monday we finished the drive home, ending Liam's first roadtrip adventure.

Question of the day:
What was your favorite roadtrip, and why?

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  1. Hi Liam! Thanks so much for fixing our flat tire... I was afraid we'd have to camp out at Menard's. And good job talking that lady into letting us in to buy Fix-a-Flat, even though the store was closing. That was close!

    My favorite roadtrip was when Daddy and I drove out to Colorado to go canoeing. I'm looking forward to when you are old enough to go canoeing, and we can make that trip again.