Thursday, July 1, 2010

Morning walks

Today Liam and I decided to get in shape.
I suggested we take an aerobics class, but he said he didn't look good in spandex.
He thought maybe a swimming class would be fun, but I pointed out the fact that it is against the law for Mommy to wear swimming suits.
We settled on walking.
On today's walk we made two laps around the yard and learned about poison ivy, and how to avoid it. We saw some mole runs and learned what cherry trees look like. We picked a couple raspberries and looked at the Live Forever planted on the southside of the house. We talked about playing basketball and going camping in the camper.
It was a very nice walk!

Item: One baby on safari.
Liam would like to know: Where is your favorite place to walk?


  1. I like walking in the woods and look forward to taking Liam and showing him how to track critters.

  2. I have fond memories of walking on the prairie so conveniently attached to the Ripon Campus. Lots of late night walks with breaks to lie on the boardwalk and stargaze.

  3. Great-Aunt Celeste likes to walk 'the back forty', as Uncle Roger calls our yard. I check out my plants, and curse the rabbits for eating too much. Then I like to walk in my neighborhood/sans Ipod/ so I can hear birds and nature!

  4. Mommy likes to walk the Wolf Cave trail at McCormick's Creek Park. But my favorite place I've ever walked would be at Giant's Causeway... or that canyon on our CO canoe trip... or pretty much any zoo...

  5. I like to walk many places with family or friends, but some of my favorite walks have been on the GRs (footpaths) in France.