Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Bar Fights

This poor baby has had a rough day.  Last night Mommy and Liam went to Ladies' Night at Laura's house.  Her husband Matt is an amazingly kind man and took Liam outside to play so that Mommy could visit with the girls.  Unfortunately it was a bit buggy outside last night and Liam lot lots of mosquito bites: 4 on his legs, a big one on his ear, a few on his arms, and several on his face and head, including two (three??) on his right eyelid.

His eye is red and puffy and nearly swollen shut... Kid looks like he was in a nasty bar fight.

Mommy did call the nurse this morning, who said we could give him some allergy medicine for itchiness.  He was kind of grumpy / clingy / irritable / itchy today, but less so once he had taken some medicine.  Hopefully tomorrow he feels all better. 

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