Saturday, June 4, 2011

Great-Uncle Lynn's Retirement Party

Golly, it has been two weeks now since we took a little road trip to Wisconsin.  Would you like a late update?  You would!?  And would you like to see some pictures?  YOU WOULD!?  Well, okay - here we go!

Now that we have a squirmy, energetic little one, we have to time our drives.  This means we drive during naptime and when we do stop we have to work hard to wear him out.  It is a good plan, assuming you don't want to drive further than 5 or so hours in a day.  Which is the exact distance to Great-Aunt Celeste's house, our first night's lodging!

Before reaching Celeste's, we stopped for lunch at Fair Oaks Farm.  We walked around the learning center and Liam played on the toddler playground.  He went down a slide by himself for the first time!  We went on the bus tour (Justin's first time); the tractors were a bigger thrill for Liam than the cows.  We almost saw a calf born, but the monster was too antsy to sit still for it.  Lunch time!  Liam chowed down on a quesadilla, and Mommy and Daddy got some ice cream (after real food, of course)... Tired yet?  Liam was, so we got back on the road.

Liam woke up again just as we got off the highway for Roger and Celeste's.  The evening was a pleasant one, and we four chatted outside for awhile once Roger got home.  Dinner was yummy pizza and ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  Liam went to sleep fairly easily, but woke up during the night and then didn't go back to sleep.  Mommy and he sat up until the birds woke up and sang.

Mommy and Daddy have recently lost their minds and began training to run a 5K.  Saturday morning, Mommy, Daddy, and Liam woke up and went running before breakfast.  It was a nice run on a paved trail next to a pretty river (and some BIG houses!).  After showers and breakfast, Mommy, Daddy, Liam and Celeste went to visit Great-Grandma Mary at her new apartment.  The new place is pretty awesome - lots of exposed brick, a gorgeous chapel, and terribly friendly staff.

We got back on the road around lunchtime, headed for Madison.  Great-Uncle Lynn retired from the Army Reserves after a gajillion years, and Saturday afternoon / evening was a big party in his honor.  Grandma J, Grandpa J, and Bethy were meeting us there.

 Great-Grandma Biwer and Great-Aunt Carol

Just playin'... with pinecones... just 'cuz...

Gotcha, Cousin Sara!!

The Man of the Hour, Great-Uncle Lynn

Cousin Phil

Great-Aunt Colleen

 Great-Aunt Nancy and her new baby bunny

Then we went for a walk...

You just put your lips together and blow...

I love Grandma J!!!

The Hambone

Group hug!


That night, Mommy, Daddy, Liam, Grandma and Grandpa J, and Aunt Bethy all stayed at the same hotel.  Liam slept better (thank heavens!) and so everyone was rested for a quieter visit with Lynn and Colleen, a picnic, and a trip to the zoo.

Watching the bear with Dad

Riding an okapi, one of Mommy's (many) favorite animals

Baby's first popsicle: a BIG hit.

Back on the road!

That afternoon we drove halfway home, to Bloomington, IL to stay the night.  After a quick dinner we turned in for the night.  After a run in the morning, breakfast, and showers, were on the road again for home.

Ahhh, home.  As fun as the weekend was (and it was!), it surely is good to be home.

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