Friday, September 30, 2011

Sick as Dogs... If Dogs had Colds

We're still sick.  Mommy and Liam are finishing up their two-week colds, and Daddy is just now getting the worst of his.  Between rainy, cool weather and being sick, we have been fairly homebound.  Factor in a general refusal to eat real food, lots of nursing, nighttime wakings, a daily refusal to nap, and a general bad attitude... well, you can see how it has been a rough week for everyone.  Oh yeah, and copious amounts of snot.

So how have we been keeping ourselves busy (besides NOT MURDERING each other)?  Well, we made cookies one day, and Liam helped.  We don't have any in-process pictures, because it was all Mommy could do to keep all the ingredients in the bowl as Liam mixed the dough.   But you can see that he lent a hand in putting the dough on the cookie sheet:

It only looks like he ate the finished product.  In fact, he spit out all the bites he took.  Mostly our cookie experience looked like this:

And this:

That's ok though - that just meant Mommy got to eat the whole batch!

This morning Liam talked to Aunt Bethy on Skype.  He shared his peanut butter sandwich with her.

And then Snickers stole it.  She really has no manners.

Remember this cute little garden?

It looks like this now:

That danged cherry tomato just won't stop growing!  We've cut it back twice now, or it would be in the front door.  As it is, between the cherry tomato and the zucchini, we haven't used the sidewalk in about two months.  Looks like we'll be planting in the lower garden next year for sure.

Daddy took this picture... Not really sure what's going on here... probably blackmail for Liam's high school years:

Liam had his pictures taken at school the other day.  These are the three poses we got.  We'll assume that since you are reading this post, you are either a grandparent or a close relative.  Therefore, if you want a print, let us know which one(s) and what size, and if you want it cropped at all.  He might look happy in these pictures, but he was actually crying at the time (he didn't want Mommy to let go of him).  The photographer was really good at getting him to smile. 

Liam had his 18 month check-up this week.  He is 24lb 3oz (25%), 32-1/2 inches (50%), and 48.8cm head circumference (75%).  Also, shots.  This time Daddy needed to get a large caramel turtle shake from Steak'n'Shake to calm his nerves.  Mommy got a cheeseburger.

That's about it for this week... tomorrow we have a wedding to go to, and next week we'll be preparing for Grandma and Grandpa J and Aunt Bethy's visit October 7-10th.  But first, Mommy's going to take a nap.

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