Friday, September 9, 2011

Talk This Way!

Words Liam can say:

Ice ("Icccce")
Deer / Deere

We're getting lazy with our sign language.  Used to be, we would sign everything with this kid.  He knows signs for foods, signs for bathtime and bedtime, signs for feelings, signs for animals, even signs that would make you think we were teaching him manners.

Now we have to coax him to sign "please."  Although he still signs "milk" daily.  ("MILK! BOOBS! NOW!")

Daddy thinks that since he says so few words, we should stop signing so much and force him to practice saying the words.  Mommy's not convinced that is how language development works?  He's not going to start talking just because we want him to.

We subscribe to monthly / weekly emails updating us on "Your child's development - THIS WEEK!"  According to these emails Liam should have 20 words in his vocabulary by now.  Liam has 5, which he only sometimes uses.  These emails should be called "Your child's developmental delays - BECAUSE YOU ARE CLEARLY FAILING AS PARENTS!" 

*deep breath*

My kid is just fine.  If there is a problem, we'll talk with his pediatrician at the end of the month.  There's no point in getting our panties in a bunch yet.  Anyway, lots of moms we've talked to have said, "Yeahhh, my kid didn't start talking until she was 2, and now she won't shut up."

So here's to ignoring what my kid is "supposed" to be doing by now.  Heck, he's enough trouble already without him being mouthy as well.

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