Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Gravity of the Situation

Who has two thumbs and is a slacker?


I feel like I should have updates on the kid.  Or pictures.  Or something.  Let's see what I can think of...

Well, we took the front off his crib, so now he can climb in and out.  Also, roll out during the night.  Ok, so that only happened the first night.  He was more surpised than anything, as I found him on all fours, whimper-crying.   I helped him back into bed, and he directly fell asleep.

The second night, he woke up at 6am.  I woke up to him calling, "Ee!  Ee!  Ee!"  I went to investigate, only to find he was not in his bed!  I found him standing in the hall between the front door and the dining room, in the dark, asking for something to eat.

Then we got a baby gate.

Then we got a baby gate that fit the doorway.

No more rolling out of bed, no more trips down the hall in the dark... I think we've got this down!

And just in case, we piled up some nice soft pillows along the side of his bed.

Of course, now he's figured out that if he calls, "Potty!  Potty!" we will let him out of bed after his is tucked in.  Usually he does actually go potty - it would just be nice if he did it before being put to bed.

Oh well - at least he's smart.

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