Friday, February 24, 2012

He has a real eye for photography.

So we were lucky enough to have breakfast for dinner tonight.  Mommy and Liam made lemon poppy seed pancakes.  Liam is starting to become a pretty good helper.

 First, you mix it all together.

 Then you stir it.

 And stir it some more.

 MMMMM...those look yummy!

Hi Mommy!

 Liam REALLY liked the strawberry topping Mommy made!

 After dinner, Liam practiced for his future job in Mommy's cafe, and poured us all some coffee.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the photographs that Liam took this afternoon.

 Ha "eye" for photography! Get it?

 Ode to sweatshirt.

 Blue carpet in afternoon light.

 Smelling smelly dog.

 One blue left, one brown right.

 Who needs focus?


That's all the art for now.  Tune in later for more work from a future master.

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