Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hunger Games

We went to the drive-in movie theater last weekend with our friends Matt, Laura, and Gatsby the giant St. Bernard.  It was Liam's first trip to the drive-in (or any movie, for that matter), my first time, and the first time in a LONG time for Daddy.  It... did not go well.

First of all, earlier in the evening there were terrible storms that had gone through.  Our other friend Laura had been driving south to Bedford and reported seeing three big funnel clouds coming down from the sky, very close to the theater.  Anyone who knows me knows that when I have nightmares, they are about tornadoes.  I've never seen one, and if I ever do I will very likely poop my pants.

By the time we got to the theater, the storms had cleared.  However, there was still a good lightning show  going on in the distance and threatening clouds overhead.  Still, we laid out our blankets in the back of the truck and hoped for the best.

The feature movie was The Hunger Games.  We have not read the books.  We should have.  It made little sense to us.  That being said, I hear the books are pretty good!  If you like reading about kids killing each other for some kind of sport?  Umm... let me know when they finally make a movie out of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Liam behaved about as well as expected.  He had no interest in the movie, which, of course not - he's two.  And it was past bedtime and we wanted him to sit still and quiet and he didn't want to.  When he gets tired he gets crazy-wild and unmanageable.  We ended up taking him for walks so he wouldn't jump around in the truck bed yelling.  He fell asleep on Daddy's shoulder on the second walk, and slept the rest of the movie passed out in his carseat.  Finally, some peace!

In conclusion, I would go to the drive-in again if we had a sitter.  Or if there was a kids' movie playing so that Liam could yell as much as he wanted and the other parents would all be like, "Yeah, that's ok, our kid is a wild monkey too."

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  1. This weeks is your chance. The Lorax is playing. I sent you an email invite.