Sunday, December 19, 2010

What's New, Pussycat?

Do you remember that comic strip, Cathy? The one where the lady always yelled, "Ack!"? I feel like Cathy. As in, "Ack! This baby is walking!"

Liam took his first steps at the Dallas airport on Thanksgiving day. We weren't sure it was a step, or just a stumble between the seat and Mommy's shoulder. But it is now just a month later (and two days shy of his 9-month birthday) and he is up to 6 careful steps at a time.

It will be nice not to have to carry Liam everywhere, but Mommy could have used a few more months of limited mobility!

We are also up to 3 teeth: the top front left tooth joins the bottom front two and they are now a happy little toothy family.

Daddy just weighed Liam. He is 20.5 pounds, which is odd - he was the same weight 3 months ago. Of course, he is much leaner now - he is 28 inches... 29 inches?... 26? No, that surely can't be right. Kid, stop squirming!

While in El Paso, Liam met his first kitty cats. Now when he sees kitties on youtube or hears us meow first, our baby meows back. Actually it kind of sounds like, "ehhh," in a squeaky kitty cat voice.

He waves with his hand instead of his whole arm.

He drops his toys on the floor and says, "uhh" ("uh-oh").

He is boycotting naps.

He stands by himself and dances to music.

He eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and doesn't need Mommy milk every three hours.

He is about to experience his first Christmas.... but he is the best present of all.

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