Monday, December 6, 2010

When Babies Fly

Just a quick update on the sleeping project... the "cry-it-out" method has not been as painful as we expected. In fact, Mommy feels her sanity returning! It now takes Liam 15-25 minutes of crying, along with 2 visits from Daddy, before falling asleep.

This is MUCH less stressful for Mommy. Up until now, the bedtime routine included trying to nurse him to sleep, creeping into the nursery and laying him down, only to have him immediately wake up crying.

Lather, rinse, repeat... for the next three hours.

By the end of the night, Mommy would find herself wishing the liquor cabinet were better stocked.

But as wonderful as this new crying routine is, it probably would not have been awesome last week, when we spent 5 nights at a hotel.

Liam's first airplane ride took us to El Paso, TX, for a wedding. Mommy's friend got married and was sweet enough to let her be in the wedding. (Mommy wore make-up! And got a manicure! And looked like a lady!)

It was a nerve-wracking, busy, hectic weekend... and it was so much fun. See?...

Liam, the jet-setter.

Meeting new friends.

Playing with Caroline (and watching the Packers!).

Helping with the toilet paper.

Who's this handsome baby in the mirror?

Liam, Mommy, and Cathy

Liam, Mommy, and Daddy

Watching the Father-Daughter dance... Good thing he can't climb stairs yet!

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