Thursday, February 17, 2011


This kid cracks himself UP.

First of all, Liam has a Gloworm. We put it in his bed every night with him, and now it is his lovey. The Gloworm's face lights up and he plays lullabies when you push on his belly.

This morning after waking up, Liam and Gloworm joined Mommy in bed for cuddles. As they sat in bed together, Liam FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER pushed on Gloworm's belly all by himself. And then he did it again. And again, and again, and again.

Baby's got skills, yo!

So this evening Liam went to bed but woke up a few minutes later crying. Mommy picked up Liam, who brought Gloworm, and the three of them sat in the rocker for more cuddles. That little baby kept pushing Gloworm's belly. And again, and again, and again, even though Gloworm was already lit and "singing."

And the whole time he was giggling.

Daddy was in the living room watching his stories, and for half a second Mommy thought, "I wish this baby were asleep, so that I could watch TV with Daddy."

Then, "This is kind of nice."

"How many more times will this baby let me cuddle him?"

"Oh, his hair is soft and smells so nice."

"I love love love when this baby giggles!"

"I wish we could do this every night."

"Stop growing up, Baby!"

And now he is asleep. Hopefully he wants to cuddle again tomorrow. Cuddle and giggle and snuggle, because so far it is Mommy's favorite part of being "Mommy."

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  1. Ruth, the cuddle, giggle, snuggle moments are why I sometimes you and Elizabeth were little again for a little while.