Friday, February 4, 2011

A Little Cabin Fever

We had a little weather excitement this week. Snowpocalypse, or Snowmaggedon, or whatever the kids are calling it these days, moved through and dropped a layer of ice and sleet on us. Our driveway is an ice rink, and it is hard to believe the dogs have not yet broken their legs running around on the deck.

And Mommy and Liam have not been out. Tuesday we would have gone to IU for the optometry study. But it sleeted. Thursday we would have gone grocery shopping. But we still have food in the cupboards. Friday we would have gone to Toddler Playtime. But Liam was napping those two hours.

Mommy is going a little stir crazy.

It doesn't help that Liam has been in A MOOD. A mood where he wants to chew on everything. You know, like the movies and the CDs, the lamp stand, chairs, Tupperware, shoes, and books. Oh, those poor books! We have had to take books out of his bins because he has chewed chunks off of them. Little Lamb will never be the same again. Mommy actually had to move the bookshelf full of paperbacks into the guest room; he would take each book off, chew on the top edge for a little while, throw it aside, and pull the next book off...

Speaking of Tupperware, we have all come to an agreement. 1) Liam is allowed to pull out and play with all of the plastic containers. 2) Mommy and Daddy will rinse the dog hair and dust off the plastic pieces and use them as needed. It is much easier than re-washing and putting away all the pieces each night after Liam is done playing.

Oh! Liam is napping again! Usually twice a day! Sometimes his naps are not very long, maybe 20-30 minutes. But sometimes the heavens open, the angels sing, and he sleeps for an hour! Or two! Oh, good gracious, those are good days. It gives Mommy time to work on her TOP SECRET project, or I dunno, take a shower. Crazy.

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  1. Liam looks so peaceful! Are you sure it was the same Liam who chewed on all of those books?