Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stone Crabs on the Brain

Hoo boy, it is kind of difficult taking pictures every day. Thought it would be easy, but by the 3rd day we were pretty much doing the same things as the day before, and the day before that...

For those who don't know, the people in Friday's picture are Penny, Carrie, and Eddy. Mommy used to work with them at Otis, and they are lovely people. They are the Friday Lunch Crew, and we still get together most Fridays for lunch. Which Mommy loves, because she can go outside, and eat a meal someone else cooked, and talk to other intelligent and interesting adults.


New this week, we are working on the house. Mommy and Daddy had agreed to NOT work on the house for a year, partly to save some money and partly just to take a break. Buuuut then Mommy got sick of the hallway. Dirty white walls, scuffed trim, UGLY blue carpet, and dim lighting is depressing. Oh yeah, and drywall work that just needed to be completed and painted over. Liam's birthday party is coming up and in order to make the house a bit... prettier, we are doing a bit of work.

The walls now have one coat of paint on - Valspar Fragrant Lilac. (By the way, if the guy at Lowe's tries to tell you that the Signature Series paint is one-coat, don't believe him. It will take two coats.) Grandpa has painted Liam's bedroom door and painted and stained the second bedroom door. He will also do the bathroom door. And Daddy added some ceiling lights! You can see as you walk down the hall! The mirror at the end of the hall will be replaced with something nicer; the old one was tarnished and gross.

We still want to change the two closet doors and our bedroom door to 6-panel doors, but that will not happen yet. We also will not be able to replace the carpet yet; we want to do the dining room at the same time, and are not yet ready for that. The baseboards might get done before then though!


And we may just get to take a family vacation this year! Grandpa J's brother and sisters get together each summer for a week-long vacation and this year they are renting a friend's house in Crystal River, Florida, in April. Mommy is planning on going, whether Daddy can come along or not (he may be working). You know what she is going to do? Even if it is the only thing she does all week? Swim with manatees. She would even wear a bathing suit, if she has to! *shudder*

Oh, and April is still stone crab season. :)

And if Daddy gets to come, we'll go to Orlando and Titusville to visit some friends from college.

And we'll eat some delicious seafood, like stone crabs.

And maybe we can go to the beach.

Did Mommy mention the stone crabs?

Question of the Day: What is your favorite seafood?


  1. Right now Tilapia is my favorite, simply because I have a way I like to cook it. In a restaurant I like to eat haddock, but not breaded.
    When Grandpa J and I have been on some of our vacations, I have been known to try and eat 7 different kinds of seafood. I have come close on some trips!
    Stone crabs...Ruth, did we eat them when you, Dad, and I went to Florida?

  2. No, I tried them on a business trip several years ago. We ate at Joe's Stone Crab in Miami. This is where I discovered key lime pie, also. Mmmmm... Let's have some pie in Florida, too, ok?