Saturday, April 2, 2011

+ 4 Teeth

It has been a rough week here on the ranch. Liam has been working on cutting 4 teeth. FOUR teeth, all at once.

Monday he had a fever of up to 103.4. He didn't have a cough or the sniffles or a tummy ache or anything like that, but he napped every two hours, and between naps he would lie on Mommy's lap and look pathetic. And he didn't want to eat - just nurse.

On Tuesday he was still a little warm but had his normal energy back. Still didn't want to eat, though.

It is Saturday, and somehow the kid has survived the whole week on the following:

1-1/2 cups oatmeal
6 soda crackers
4 grapes
2 dinners of Southwest salad (beans, corn, tomato, avocado, cheese)
1/2 a banana
lots of Mama milk

So all 4 teeth are now peeking through the skin. The fever is long gone and he has his normal energy level back. Hopefully he starts eating again soon, otherwise he is going to waste away to nothing.

PS, it is true about poops being more loose during teething. Oh, for the love of all that his holy, please let teething be over soon! We've already had to burn the changing pad, crib bedding, several pairs of baby pants, and most of the cloth diapers. Pretty soon the kid will have to go naked out in the yard with the dogs. At least it is warming up outside, right? Right??

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