Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Great Cloth Diaper Change

Happy Earth Day, Internetz! How did you celebrate this made-up holiday?? Did you plant a tree? Start a compost bin? Walk instead of drive to the library?

Liam and Mommy went to The Green Nursery (love that store!) and participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Change.    At the same time today, people all over the world changed their babies' cloth diapers, in order to raise awareness of the benefits of using cloth diapers.

Also, the GCDC is an official Guinness Book of World Records event, and we got to be part of it!  Unfortunately, we won't know just how many babies worldwide were changed until June or so.

Hi Dad! 


Five minutes, people!

Ready... Set...


There were 38 moms and 38 babies (plus all the dads that were dragged along) squashed into the 4 tiny rooms at The Green Nursery.  It was cozy... and so much fun.

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