Saturday, April 23, 2011

Liam Goes to Florida

Liam and Mommy went to Florida last week.  Grandpa J's brother and sisters rented a house for a week and we had a little family reunion together there.  A week in Florida after a long, cold winter?  Yes, please!

This was our little house.  Aunt Judy and Bonnie's friend Deb bought it cheap and fixed it up. 

Stepping out the front door is a concrete patio, and off the patio is a little canal that rose and fell with the tides.  "Blue" the Great Blue Heron visited several times.  He ate the little fishes that swam in the shallows.

Grandma J, Liam, and Mommy visited Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park one day.  There were lots of native animals, including flamingos...

... brown pelicans (maybe?)...

...and manatees!

Liam even wore his hat and generally tolerated it.

One day, we all spent the afternoon together on a pontoon boat.  Grandpa J and Liam hung out while we waited for everyone to meet up.

Grandma J and Liam went on lots of walks together when Mommy needed a break from the baby.  Thank you Grandma J!

The Aunts, taking a smoke break on the patio.

And oh, man, this kid loved playing with cousins Amanda and Alexa.

Liam and Amanda

Amanda, Liam, and Alexa

Trying to get a hug from a baby that doesn't stop moving.

And Grandpa J finally caught a fish!  It was a beautiful spotted sea bass.

And it was delicious.

Future fisherman-in-training, Grandpa J?

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