Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Food Inspiration, Please

Dear People of the Internetz,

We need some inspiration. Liam has tried several foods and has liked each one. Our freezer is stocked with purees (see list below), but it is a limited menu. There are some dry lentils languishing in the cupboard which will get cooked up, and some dried apricots as well. But we need YOUR HELP in thinking of new and yummy foods to try.

Now, keep in mind that he is 6 (and a half) months old, and we should probably start introducing a little bit of texture besides "pureed." And meat. He should probably start eating a little meat, right?

We have several baby food books with good ideas, but what are your suggestions? Ten baby hugs and ten baby kisses to the most inspiring commenter... On your mark, get set, comment!

Sweet Potatoes
Rice Cereal
Oatmeal Cereal
Barley Cereal
Great Northern Beans


  1. I would suggest you go to the store and walk the baby food isle. Check the names, maybe that will give you some insperation. Of course venison will not be on that isle.

  2. I'm sure that Scott would say Brussel Sprouts since that is his favourite veggie! Ewww!

    Red Beets would be interesting later in the day!

    Green beans with potatoes would be yummy. Maybe some ham chopped/mashed with pureed gr. beans? Sounds like I might have to make some for us!!"

  3. I'm finally ready with some suggestions. The first one would be leeks specially grown by Grandma J in her Wisconsin garden. The other 3 things would be lentils, couscous, and rice. Liam, I hope you enjoy eating lots of different foods just like Grandma J.

  4. What about broccoli, corn, and green beans? Not together though. Well, maybe together. Liam won't care.