Monday, October 4, 2010

Six-Month Check-Up... and Mommy-(Deer)-Milk

Liam had his six-month check-up today. (NOW - WITH MORE SHOTS!) Here are the official numbers:

Weight: 19 lbs - 11 oz (75.90%)
Head: 45 cm (75%)
Length: 27 in (50.75%)

This weekend Mommy saw three deer outside, down at the turn in the creek. Two were smaller, maybe this year's fawns? As Mommy watched, the two little ones walked over to Mama-Deer and started nursing. Liam is not the only one who likes Mommy-Milk! That was pretty durn cool.

And some more pictures:

Gumming an apple slice.

So happy in his bouncy seat!

Fun-time with Daddy!

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  1. I like how Snickers needs to be part of the fun. She wishes she were in the basket being pushed and pulled around.