Thursday, October 28, 2010

Liam's Adventure with Grandma and Grandpa J

A message from Liam, as dictated by Grandma J...

Grandma and Grandpa J came from Wisconsin for a few days of adventure with me. On Sunday they went to church with us and then took me to my first gun show. For lunch we went to a BBQ restaurant and Mom gave me bits of turkey for the first time.

On Monday Daddy drove us all down to Bedford to see all of its sights. We stopped at a couple boat landings on Lake Monroe so Grandpa J could see what the lake is like. At one of the stops we got out of the car and I climbed a tree for a few minutes. Grandma J says I get some of my tree climbing ability from Mommy.

Then the big people thought we should drive to Nashville to lunch, but for 11 minutes I explained to them why that was a bad idea.

I can't wait until Grandma and Grandpa J come to visit again!

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