Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scott and Peggy

This is Scott. ("Hi, Scott!")

This is Peggy. ("Hi, Peggy!")

Scott and Peggy are married.

Scott used to work at Crane with Justin, until he retired a couple years ago after being diagnosed with ALS. Now Scott is in an electric wheelchair and effectively cannot use his legs or arms. He sometimes needs to use a breathing machine.

Mommy and Liam did not know Scott and Peggy until they started going to Movie Night with Daddy. Each Tuesday night, some of Scott's friends from Crane get together at the house (which Scott designed himself - and is it ever lovely!) to watch a movie and chat. Chew the fat. Shoot the... poo.

People have brought all different kinds of movies to watch: How to Train Your Dragon, The Invention of Lying, Blade Runner... even a movie called Anvil (think real-life Spinal Tap times 11).
At any rate, Movie Night is FUN, especially for Mommy, since she gets to talk to real, live, intelligent, funny people.

A couple weeks ago in Indianapolis there was a benefit walk for ALS ("Indiana Walk to Defeat ALS"). Mommy, Daddy, and Liam all went, along with other friends of Scott and Peggy. It was cold and rainy that day, and although Liam was probably the warmest, most bundled-up person at the walk, we sat with Scott and Peggy and the Shaff family in the White River State Park Visitor's Center while the other walkers braved the 2 mile walk in the rain. We felt bad that we ditched, but next year we will join the walkers!

This week's Movie Night was cancelled. But that is OK! Because that means Scott and Peggy are still Ohio. And that means Scott got to be part of a clinical trial in which he is fitted with what is essentially a pace-maker for his diaphragm. In fact, the word on the street is he is out of surgery and will be home on Friday or Saturday.

So say a little prayer for these two crazy kids.

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