Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Catching Up on a Quiet Afternoon

It has occurred to us that we did not measure or weigh Liam on his 7-month birthday. In a week and a half he will be 8 months old. Those numbers are now gone for time and eternity, just like his furry monkey ears. The time has gone so fast; Mommy must make a renewed effort to record everything. EVERY. THING.

Ok, seriously - who has that kind of time? Raise your hand! Bueller?

Daddy has promised to write a post to you dear People of the Internetz about Halloween. He hasn't yet, if you hadn't noticed. But Mommy will give you a little taste. After all, Mommy's a giver.

What else has been happening, you ask? Well this baby has been practicing his pulling up on the furniture to standing. He is an ACE at standing. If standing were an Olympic sport, he would get the gold.

But this week... THIS WEEK... Mommy has had several heart attacks. Now once he is standing Liam lets go of the furniture. He freezes, looks shocked / surprised / proud, and in sloooow motion sits down hard. It's almost like he is trying to grow up! And walk! Like a big boy!

Anyone know how to freeze time? Because there it goes, getting away from us again.

And now, a parting video, from 1977. Why can't Sesame Street have more of this and less of Elmo's World or Abby's Flying Fairy School? (Have you seen Abby's Flying Fairy School? It is ridiculous. Where is the life lesson in using the Spice of Life to bring to life a macaroni-saurus? Idiots.) But THIS we love:

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