Friday, November 19, 2010

There's Been a Sighting at Our House...

... of something elusive...

... and solitary...

Ohh, the humanity!

Liam's FIRST TOOTH made it's first appearance at dinner on Wednesday of last week. We could just feel it and just see it under the skin. It broke through the next day and is well on its way to being a Real Grown-Up Tooth! (Until it falls out, of course.)

Could someone fill us in on teething and the accompanying fussiness? There have only been two evenings when Liam was fussy for no apparent reason and we chalked it up to teething. At what point in the tooth-cutting process does the fussiness peak? When the tooth is breaking through the skin, or all through the tooth-growing process? Because if this is as bad as teething is for Liam, then we will count ourselves lucky.

Quick, Mommy! Knock on wood!

And stop counting those chickens!

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