Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Project Mayhem 2: Liam Attacks

This baby has been hanging out with Snickers. She has taught him how to be mischievious. Verrrry mischievious. And as it turns out, when a baby can crawl - and when a baby can pull himself up - he finds lots more things to get into.

The past couple days have been exceptionally challenging. Take today, for instance...

Liam took off his diaper all by himself:

(Thankfully, this was after the day's poop, and not during.)

Later in the day, Mommy found the baby pushing the stroller into the living room:

Each morning Liam and Mommy share a bowl of oatmeal. Today Liam took the spoon, wiped the oatmeal on his chair back, and squashed his head in the oatmeal. Did you know it is difficult to clean oatmeal out of ears?

And Daddy has been teaching Liam a thing or two also... like chewing on the woodwork.

And Liam's new favorite, getting into the TV cabinet. This is our life, every day, all day. Daddy nees to find a better place for the stuff in there, before the Wii-motes are ruined, the instruction books are soggy, and the little odds and ends are swallowed. Does anyone out there in Internetz Land have suggestions for baby-appropriate things we can hide in the cabinet? Liam is currently more interested in non-toys than his toys.

Question of the Day: What was / is your baby's favorite mischief?

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  1. I really like Liam's green and brown striped outfit that he's wearing while pushing the stroller--reminds me of jail attire!
    Children always love to play with non-toys more than toys. How about hiding a few pots and pans and plastic spoons (for banging) inside the TV cabinet?
    Great entry and pictures in your blog!