Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gastroenteritis... Or, Don't Read This Post at the Dinner Table

It has been a rough couple of days.


Sunday night Liam kept waking up wanting to nurse. About 1am Mommy and Liam were dozing in the living room, when Liam sat up and upchucked all over Mommy. Then he barfed again, and again. Mommy was covered in sour milk, and peas, carrots, corn... and a green bean.


The rest of the morning was more of the same, especially after nursing. (He is just too efficient at drinking, and it all came right back up.)

We visited the doctor at noon, who confirmed he had gastroenteritis. "A stomach bug," she said. "It's going around, and it's a nasty one."


Well, the puking ended Monday afternoon. In related news, there is now a really clean spot on the living room carpet. Yay for having a steam vacuum!

Let's see, what day is today? Thursday? The diarrhea seems to be finally tapering off. Liam has been subsisting on mama-milk and a few Cheerios since Monday, so we are back to those wonderful, barely-stinky, machine-washable breastmilk poops. (Remind me why we can't ONLY nurse until he's potty-trained??)

As horrible as these past few days have been, we did learn a few things:

1. Mommy is surprisingly OK with getting puked on. Grandma J was right - "It's different when it's your baby," she always says.

2. Don't bother about buying Pedialyte. Breastmilk is just as good... as long as the baby doesn't eat too much too fast. Besides, the baby still doesn't take a bottle or drink from a cup, and using a medicine dropper elicited screams of terror.

3. Best of all, Liam slept in bed with Mommy Monday night and Tuesday night. There are few things nicer than waking up in the night next to a sleeping baby.

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