Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daddy Went to Yuma, and This Is What We Did...

Daddy traveled to Yuma, AZ last week for work.  He left on Easter Sunday and didn't come back until the following Monday.  That was a long time!  Per the usual, Liam and Mommy found things to do while he was gone.  Unfortunately it was raining most of the week, so a lot of our projects were indoors.

For example, just like the dogs, Liam likes to stand at the front door and watch the cars driving past the house.  We have had foam weatherstripping around the door frame because the door is a little drafty in winter.  In fact, one might be able to see daylight all the way around the door.  Well, it must have looked tastey, because someone (Liam!) was started nibbling away the foam.  Some of it he picked off with his fingers...

Then he decided that was too much work?  Too slow?  So he ate it straight from the source.  He really is a brilliant child.

"Blue" the Great Blue Heron also followed us from Florida.  Here he is, hanging out in our creek:

And Liam decided he likes his Bumbo again.

This is just a little selection of photos of him hanging out in the Bumbo.

He can get himself into and out of it... now that is pretty funny to watch.

Oh, and!  And!  The baby is finally starting to sign.  We got a baby sign language video from the library the other week, and last week Liam started signing "cat."  However, unless you knew what you were looking for you would miss it.  It just looks like he is grabbing at the hair over his right ear.  It helps that he also says, "kaaaa."

Then this morning we were watching the sign language video and he signed "more" along with the other babies.  He hasn't signed that one again yet, but it's a start.

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  1. I didn't know Bumbo seats came with the recliner feature!