Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A List for Long Days

It has been a long day.  Not particularly difficult, just... long.

The following is Liam's attempt to list things for him and Mommy to do on long days:

1.  Visit the library.  Make sure the library is open.  (Unlike today, when we got there 20 minutes early.)

2.  Go to Flatwoods Park.  Walk the trail with the wagon.  Play in the sandbox.

3.  Visit Petsmart and see the fish, birds, and rodents.

4.  Play in the backyard.

5.  Ummmm...

6.  What else could we do outside the house to keep this baby busy?

1 comment:

  1. 1. Get a little swimming pool for at home and play in it.
    2. Go to swimming lessons.
    3. Have you met any other stay at home Moms with one year olds? Have play days together.
    4. Go into Bloomington and take a bus ride together.
    5. Go walking at the mall and stop sometimes and watch the people.
    6. Ask Daddy to build a little sandbox, get some sand, and play in it with the toys from Aunt Judy.