Monday, May 2, 2011


For his birthday, Liam received Scout the puppy.  Liam loves Scout very much and often plays with him before falling asleep or when he wakes up in the morning.  (This is much more pleasant than when he cries himself to sleep.)

Scout has lived with us for over a month now and we FINALLY have connected him to the computer to add Liam's name and his favorite animal, color, and food.  The following is a song that Scout now sings when you squeeze his paw:

I'd like - A CAT! - please; it's my favorite animal.
I'd like it to beRED! - please; it's my favorite color.
I'd like it to eatMANGOS! - please; it's my favorite food.
And I'd call itLIAM?just like you.

 He also tells Liam he loves him:

I looove you, LIAM?

Scout is pretty cool, and Liam will have fun playing with him, but the manufacturer could have worked a little harder on the audio integration (yeah, totally made up that VERY technical term).

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