Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Vegetable Patch

Mommy's garden is in the front yard this year.  This is a much better set up, since Mommy can actually get a hose to it, and she thinks of taking care of it each time she walks past.

Liam has been helping Mommy with the garden.  His favorite thing to do is play in use the watering can to water the lettuce.  Also, eat all the ripe cherry tomatoes then sign, "more, More, MORE!" until Mommy gives in and picks the orange-ish, might-be-ripe-tomorrow tomatoes.

Here is the garden patch:

Kind of a mess, right?  Look at the next picture and let me explain.  The two black "circles" are two different kinds of mystery tomatoes.  Uh, we have forgotten what they were since bringing them home from the market.  The same goes for the cherry tomato.  That is the plant outlined in red.  Yeah, it has pretty much taken over everything.  The yellow outline is a pair of yellow summer squash.  The purple is a zucchini plant that is bigger than Liam, and the leaves are bigger than his head.  There are also a couple pepper plants in there... somewhere.  Click on the photo to zoom in.

Here is our second zucchini.  This one was made into brownies today.  Which still need to be frosted.

A couple of gorgeous tomatoes.  They just keep getting bigger and bigger... We are going to have tomatoes for every meal if they all ripen at the same time.

Anaheim peppers.  Which are not spicy.  So we won't be buying those again.

Jalapenos!  Yum!

And our first, very tiny yellow summer squash.  It just might be swallowed up by the cherry tomato.

It is great having the garden in front of the house this year, but it really needs more space.  Should we move the garden back down the hill next year and plant the front with flowers, or invest in some tomato cages / smaller veg varieties?

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  1. You can deep fry squash blossoms...I think. I'm told they are delicious.