Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Week

This child is growing up. Did you know that he can wash his hands? He can indeed, if Mommy holds him up to the sink. He wets his hands, picks up and rubs the soap, sets it back down on the soapdish, rinses his hands, and dries them off (kind of) on the towel. Now I think we need a step stool, so Mommy doesn't have to dangle him over the sink; the kid is getting heavy!

"I wanna be like Dad when I grow up."

Art class with Daddy.

Riding Snickers.

And Snickers is done.

Our friend Sarah moved away to college this week, so on Wednesday she came down to spend the afternoon with Mommy and Liam.  We went to lunch at the Village Deli.  Liam ate all of Mommy's blueberries but wouldn't touch his PB&J sandwich.  While we waited for our food Liam and Sarah ate ice cubes and played with a spoon.

Spoon on Sarah's nose.

Spoon on Liam's nose.

We had to stop at The Runcible Spoon for dessert; last time they had an out-of-this-world lemon tart.  Mommy called the restaurant that morning to check on desserts: no tart, but they had a lemon mousse cake we wanted to try.  However, by the time we got there they were down to peach berry cobbler and lemon poppyseed pound cake.  Mommy got some cobbler, we stopped at a shop on the square, and it was time to head home.

Sitting in a chair like a big boy.  Kind of?

Of course, no trip to Ellettsville is complete without a stop at Jiffy Treet, right?  It would be Sarah's last chance for quite a while.

Don't be so sad - you're getting ice cream!

And then there was Tuesday, when Liam started daycare again.  He's still just attending one afternoon each week.  Last school year he just Would Not Take a Nap.  Mommy was worried he wouldn't be able to settle down for a nap on Tuesday, since he's down to one per day and needs to cry / play himself to sleep in his crib at home.  BUT!  Just look!  He took a nap for a whole hour!

When Mommy picked him up, his teachers said he did just great and was happy all day!  Hmm... maybe he should go more often...

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