Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oldies But Goodies

Last weekend was pretty busy for Liam.  On Saturday he went with Daddy and Papaw to an antique tractor show.  There was lots to see, and we all had a lot of fun.  Rather than boring everyone with words, we will jump right in to the pictures.
"Hey, what's that over there?" 

"Look, that little thing is blowing smoke rings!" 

This red and green contraption was an over-elaborate can crusher being powered by a lawn tractor.

Here is another shot of the crusher.  Does anyone else find it odd that the guy running the crusher is missing one arm?

"There is so much to see, and I don't know where to go first!" 

"C'mon, lets go this way." 

"Oooohhh, what's that?" 

 "Greeeeen Acres is the place for me..."

I think Liam would have been happy if we left him on that little tractor all day long.

They're like Skittles tractors.
They even had some old steam powered tractors.  When Liam saw them, he kept making the sign for train.  One of them was built in the 1880s and has been in the same family ever since.

Food on the go.


The show was right next to the Greensburg Airport, and they were letting out skydivers all day long.

Liam even made some new friends.  He wanted me to buy him some Big League Chew after hanging out with these guys.

He was fascinated with this team of wooden horses.

Playing drums on Papaw's head.
So hot, so thirsty.  Water tastes better when it comes from a tractor cup.

This place used an old John Deere motor to run two ice cream churns.  We of course had to try some, and it was AWESOME.

"MMMM, strawberry-y"

"MMMM, peanutbutter-y"

"Look, four-legged tractors"

"Daddy, I'm tired"

While we were there, Daddy bought some handmade wooden toys.  Liam is now the proud owner of an old-timey car,  a 4-car train set, and a tractor with a manure spreader. 

After our busy day Saturday, we decided "Why not be crazy and go to Spring Mill".  So we did.  We went Sunday afternoon with Matt, Laura, and Laura's cousin Tootsie.  Most of the park is your average state park, but they also have a pioneer village with a working grist mill.  The mill was built in 1817 and the water wheel was originally fed by a cave spring.  Hence the name "Spring Mill".  The mill still uses the wheel, but the water now comes from a pipe, not the spring.  They run the mill every hour.  The day we were there, they were grinding corn meal.  Whatever they grind, they sell, so we are now the proud owners of locally ground corn meal.  Anyway, on to the pictures.
The mill and the village.

The mill and a creek.

Mommy and Liam tried to break in to the pottery building, but had no luck.

"Everybody, look at me and take my picture!"

Mommy got lost in the garden maze.  "Please help me."

Liam was stalking another toddler that he had met at the doctor's office a few months ago.

"What, are you tired or something?  Lets GO!"

"Hey, where are the horses?"

Dance Monkey!

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