Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zoo Baby+

First of all, a picture for Becky. Raising him right!

"Pip pip! Cheerio!"

Still MORE swimming.  This kid sure loves playing in the water.

This baby can eat from a bowl with a spoon.  He really does the best with oatmeal, but yogurt is a favorite dessert, and good practice besides.  Of course, it can get a little messy...

"Mom, there's something in my eye."

We went to the zoo on Saturday morning.

It was a pretty warm day...

Even this elephant wanted to play in the water (and gave quite a good show!).

Liam went on his first train ride.  It was hot, and someone was getting tired.

We spent a long time in the line.  It was hot.

Waiting for the train to go.

"Come ON, people.  Let's get this show on the road!"

Signing "train."  Also, HOT.

We all had a good time at the zoo, even though it rained on us all the way back out to the car.  (Actually, that may have been the best part, after what has seemed like no rain all month.)  Liam and Mommy are planning on going back to the zoo with our friend Sarah on Tuesday.  Hopefully it's a bit cooler, or we'll have to spend a lot of time in the indoor exhibits.

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