Saturday, August 21, 2010

Daddy's Home... And Liam is 5 Months Old!

Did you hear? Daddy's home from Washington!

On Friday we went the Tiny to Two reading program at the library, which was lots of fun! Liam was one of the youngest babies. He wasn't big enough to play with the other kids, but he had a good time watching them. The group sang a song about green frogs on a speckled log and learned a poem about pond animals watching each other. We also sang "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush" and watched the bigger kids play with the parachute. The next Tiny to Two day is not until September 17th. Anyone want to come along?

No crawling yet. Perhaps that Move and Crawl Ball, with its lights and music and movement, distracted Liam, and now he's forgotten he was trying to learn to crawl. We'll just put that back up on the shelf for a few more weeks.

We tried rice cereal AGAIN last night, and Liam seemed a little bit more accepting. He did not spit out his first two or three bites, although he still seems more interested in sucking on the spoon. We'll get there yet!

This morning there was a family of 4 deer in the backyard, and another group of 3 showed up. The two fawns were galloping around, like they were playing tag. Liam was asleep for it.

Today is Liam's 5 month birthday. We tried taking his measurements, and we think he is about 19-1/2 pounds and about 26-1/2 inches long.

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  1. I would like to go to Tiny to Two with you!