Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daddy's in Washington - Day 4

Liam here. I've been in a MOOD today.

Mommy thought I should take a nap today, but I disagreed. She tricked me once by putting in my swing. But I figured out I was sleeping and woke up half an hour later!

She only caught me sleeping one other time, during "An American in Paris," when I rocked myself to sleep on her lap for 10 minutes. I'll admit, that was a nice nap, and Mommy seemed happy too.

But then she kept trying to put me down, which I did not like. And I let her know! I said, "Woman, God help you if you put me down!"

Oh, and seriously, what is with that disgusting rice cereal she keeps trying to feed me?

So now Mommy is in the bathroom... on the floor... crying a little... and she smells like Communion.

I sure hope Daddy gets home soon.

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