Monday, August 16, 2010

Daddy's in Washington - Day 1

Daddy is on a very important mission for the Navy and is spending the week in Washington state. Mommy and Liam are home all alone, for 5 whole days!

We started the day with a volcano diaper. Fantastic. Liam enjoyed his morning bath, and Mommy was at least glad to be getting her shower in so early in the day.

Liam tried a little rice cereal again today. It worked a bit better this time, perhaps because it was not so runny. Should we try again tomorrow?

After lunch, we ran some errands. We dropped off the water and sewer bills and then went to the library. Liam was more interested in the other kids than in reading books, but that is ok too. We talked to one of the librarians and will be going to the "Tiny to Two" program on Friday.

Next stop, Aldi! Mommy got food for the week for $17.56, and so treated herself to sour cream and onion potato chips (!) and a chocolate bar.

Grandma J and Aunt Bethy surprised Liam with two books in the mail today. Irish fairy tales, and a Sesame Street book. Liam is going to have to learn how to not eat paper pages, because Mommy can hardly wait to read these!

We managed an early bedtime tonight. We'll see how early Liam wakes up in the morning.

Oh, and one of the dogs chewed up a roll of toilet paper.

Question of the day: Can you tell we are bored already?

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