Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daddy's in Washington - Days 2 & 3

It's Wednesday night, and we're more than halfway to Daddy!

Yesterday was a whole lot of nothing. We finished watching Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, because Liam has a thing for Caprica 6. We played with the Move and Crawl Ball from Cathy. Mommy sang The Alphabet Song umpteen million times. Liam tried more rice cereal and might have swallowed two spoonfuls. Oh, and we made venison stew in the crock pot. Yup, a whole lot of nothing.

Today was a bit more exciting! We went to BABS for Parent-Baby Playtime and stayed to hear a speaker. The topic was Nurturing Children Through Nature. Now, Mommy likes nature as much as the next person, but this lady was a little spacey. She should have used slides and provided an outline, because she was all over the place.

She told us about a father who would call to his daughter with a bird alarm (high, soft whistle) and she was tuned to listen to it and they were 50 feet apart on a construction site and both noticed a great blue heron fly over and he whistled to her... "Did you see that heron?" "Yes Daddy..." and none of the construction workers noticed the heron or the whistle...

The same father advocates a "Sit Spot" where you go out in nature and sit for an hour every day, and when his daughter was 10 or so she wanted to learn to use a knife and other stuff, and he told her she had to go to a sit spot every day for a year before she could learn Big People Outdoor Skills.

Mommy loves nature, but not because some hippy told her to.

Oh yes, Daddy's in Washington...

We also went to Once Upon a Child today, because Liam is growing like a weed, and it is a challenge to button him into his clothes with his cloth diapers on. Hooray for three more rompers!

Tried a little more rice cereal tonight, but it was not very successful. Sang The Alphabet Song another umpteen million times.

On tomorrow's agenda: maybe go to playtime again, cut Liam's nails (they are SHARP!), finish a surprise and maybe start another.

Wow, is Mommy bored. And needs someone to talk to.

Question of the Day: Have you read this far? I'm so sorry.


  1. Yes, I have read everything you have written so far and I have enjoyed all of it!

  2. I read all the way to the end. Good story. Is the surprise for me?

  3. @Anonymous - Hi Grandma J!

    @Daddy - The surprise is for me.

  4. Hi Ruth & Liam,

    Aunt Celeste remembers being glad to go to the grocery store, because the check-out lady was the only adult she talked to ALL DAY!! I was happy to hear that Liam likes the library, and can go to a story program there. Story hour is always fun.

    I enjoy your pics and stories. Love, Aunt Celeste