Monday, August 9, 2010

First Cereal, Photo Contest, Vampires - Picture Edition

Liam tried rice cereal for the first time last week. Most of it ended up on his face and bib... and arms... and the floor... and Mommy... He mostly just liked sucking on the spoon.

Daddy took this next picture. Mommy and Liam entered a local photo contest last week for World Breastfeeding Week, and this photo tied (3 ways) for 2nd place! Good job, Daddy!

Liam has taken to sucking on faces. His favorite bits (in order) are chin, cheek, and ear. Daddy didn't get a photo of it, but last night Liam had Mommy's whole ear in his mouth. His tongue tickled.

And I just like this photo. :)


  1. Ack! There is a baby hicky on my chin!

  2. Get used to looking over your shoulder Liam. Mommy is going to be there for the next18 or so years.