Wednesday, September 15, 2010

B-A-N-A-N-A-S... This Day is Bananas!

The baby looooves bananas, too. As such he should, the little Monkey! Mommy could not shovel the mushed up mushy mush into that little mouth fast enough. And it ALL ended up in his mouth; he made sure of that. We'll have rice cereal and sweet potatoes for dinner tonight, to see if he likes it any better than last time. Question: How serious do we have to be about getting lumps out of his food? There were teeny tiny banana lumps in his lunch, since we only used a fork to mash it.

It is official, this baby is crawling. Mommy and Liam played on the deck today, and Liam was pulling himself around, picking up leaves and sticks for examination. Which means.... TIME TO BABYPROOF THE HOUSE! We know to get outlet plugs and cabinet door and drawer locks; what else should we be thinking about??

Mommy has found a new way to fill her days: Mommy found the story about Texas so funny, at one point she simultaneously inhaled her cheese sandwhich and peed in her pants. It was messy, and now Mommy has a cheese sandwich lodged in her lung. You should read it too. But don't read it with food in your mouth. And go to the bathroom first. Please have better sense than Mommy.

Warning: The next story is about poop. Don't read it if you are easily offended.

But if you decide to read it, there are pictures (not of poop!) at the end of the post.

Or you could just skip the poop story.

PS: poop

Liam had his first Big Boy Poop today. They have steadily been getting stinkier since we started cereal, but this is the first real one. There were actual (very soft) chunks! Like, marble-sized poop-colored sponges. It was probably the avocado that did it, wouldn't you think? It was a respectable amount, too. Holey Moley, was it a respectable amount. And the... after-poop?... was kind of mucous-y and smelled like dead fish. Is that normal???

And now, the promised pictures:

This next photo is of Liam licking the bowl clean after avocados. See the avocado on his forehead? Also, that is avocado under his nose, not boogers.

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