Monday, September 13, 2010

Eight Things, Including Crawling... Almost... Still...

1. We did not make it to the market on Saturday. It was a dreary morning, Mommy got up late, and we just didn't feel like going. (Mommy was still feeling a little under the weather from her cold this week.) Instead, we got a couple things from the grocery store to try this week: an apple, an avocado (yum!), and bananas. How did YOUR babies like these foods?

2. Mommy had a cold for most of this past week. She's been afraid that Liam would catch it also, and he has, but it is not really affecting him. We skipped church yesterday because he woke up with a little cough, and yesterday his nose was runny and boogery. (Awww, baby boogers are so cute!) He has slept a little more during the days and woken up a couple times during nights to nurse, but otherwise he is handling it like a champ!

3. We baked bread yesterday. Yum! Daddy was nice enough to babysit while Mommy mixed up the dough, before he went out to work in the yard.

4. Also, we roasted our FIRST WHOLE BIRD, a chicken last night. Mommy is a CHICKEN (get it??) and has always just cooked boneless, skinless chicken breasts. There was a cream cheese / grated zucchini / lime zest mixture stuffed under the skin. Daddy loved the cheese mixture, but Mommy could have done without; she thought it made the meat too goopy.

5. And then... THEN... The chicken carcass was cooling on a platter on the counter top after dinner. Sitting in the living room we heard a CRASH. The DOG had pulled it down onto the floor! Miraculously, the Correlle platter came along with it, landing under the chicken. The dog was so startled he jumped away, and Mommy was able to rescue the bird from that rotten Bounder. Incidentally... "Free to good home: One *spirited* Wheaten Terrier - cleans kitchen floors."

6. Liam is in love with Snickers. He likes to pinch her ears, pull the fur on her neck, tickle his nose with her tail, and play with (and last night, try to eat) her dog tags. She is a wonderful doggy; she puts up with most of it, and when she is done she simply gets up and goes to her pillow. Bounder is smarter; he hides.

7. We've been saying it for some time now. This baby is SO CLOSE to crawling. In fact, he is crawling already, in the loosest sense of the word. He gets where he wants to go, but not elegantly or efficiently. Mostly he moves by rolling from side to side. Or by getting up on all fours (or threes - two hands and one knee, with the other leg sticking out), rocking for a few moments, and then collapsing 3 centimeters further along. Actually, this usually sends him backwards, not forwards. He just can't figure out how to get his arms to move him forward yet.

8. One of the ladies from church gave us a bouncy seat for Liam. It is a saucer suspended from three posts by springs. On the saucer there are toys for Baby to play with, but mostly he just loves to jump. He'll stop jumping from time to time and play with the toys, but mostly it is jump jump jump jump jump jump jump. When he is done, he throws up his arms and flops to the side as if to say, "Oh, I'm so neglected! Won't someone come and get me out of this crazy thing!"

Question of the day: How does Mommy keep the baby from pulling out all of her hair?

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