Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Drinking From a Cup

Just a quick update tonight, since it is way past Mommy's bedtime.

At dinner tonight Liam demanded some milk in a glass. Not a sippy cup, because he is a Big Boy. So there, MOM!

He must have had the hiccups, because he mostly wanted to stick his chin in the glass and suck on the far edge of the rim.

So Mommy showed him how to drink like a big boy. We only put a couple swallows in each time, but Mommy had to fill the glass three times. The picture is a little blurry; it is hard to both work the camera and keep from drowning the baby.

Secondly, the baby is coming along very well with his crawling. He still army crawls:

But today he also figured out how to move FORWARD on his hands and knees. Have you ever seen a newborn giraffe try to walk? I imagine it looks something like this:

Question of the day: Can you sleep like this?


  1. I am convinced. He is a member of the minstry. :)