Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Six Months

Today is Liam's 6-month birthday! Happy birthday, Big Guy... it seems like just yesterday you were a little baby! Wait...

Daddy's out of town again, both this week and next. Mommy has lots of things on her Could-Do-List, but we are pacing ourselves. Yesterday we went up to the IGA for a few groceries (hellooo, chocolate ice cream), made and froze pureed apples, and watched the season premiere of "Castle." We sat outside and avoided being conked on the noggin by hickory nuts and saw a gopher (prairie dog? groundhog?) down by the turn in the creek.

Today Liam took a couple extra naps, we watched a couple episodes of "Firefly," and went to our favorite store - Barefood Kids. Mommy bought some more laundry soap, a baby food mill, and a little present for Liam, which you can see in the video below. We also stopped at the Tuesday evening market and bought some peaches and some beets. Beets! Mommy is excited! She has only ever had canned beets! Can you tell Mommy is excited!?

The baby is practicing his crawling. He is learning to coordinate his arms and legs while up on his hands and knees. He'll be getting into (more) trouble in no time!

Apples and oatmeal for dinner tonight... Liam wasn't too excited about the apples, but he gobbled up the oatmeal. Grandma J just might be right - some of these fruits might be too sweet for him.

Awesome. He just learned how to open the tv cabinet, and he's playing with the dogs' stinky "squirrel baby."

Making and freezing purees tomorrow: acorn squash, beets, peas, maybe another pear, and peaches if they smell ripened.

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