Thursday, September 2, 2010

Walking with Grandad... and Cereal Silliness

Yesterday Grandad came down to visit with Liam while Mommy got some things done (like power-washing the deck! - or at least starting it). But while the air was still relatively cool, Liam, Grandad, and Mommy all went for a walk on the Clear Creek Trail.

Lucky Liam got to spend the morning listening to stories from Grandad, watching the butterflies, and enjoying the sunshine. Hopefully Grandad will get to come down for more walks before the weather gets very cold.

And then there was this:

SOMEONE has been refusing to eat his cereal these last few days. He would turn his head and lean far back in his chair and grunt... Until we realized today that he wanted to hold the cup up to his mouth. He simply wants to eat like a big boy!

And a little post-bath fun:

(Good thing he is not too shy; the robe is a little short and his dingle-dangle is on display for God and everyone.)

Question of the day (night): Why won't this baby go to sleep?

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