Friday, July 15, 2011

Adventures in Table Manners

First order of business:  DADDY IS HOME FROM TRAVEL!!  For two days, anyway.  He's back on the road next week and most of the following week as well.  So we are going to jam as much family time into these few short days as possible.  Tomorrow we'll go to the Owen County Fair to see the Figure 8 Derby.  Church and church pitch-in (and possibly Harry Potter???) on Sunday.  General togetherness.  Then Liam and Mommy will be taking suggestions for activities for the next couple weeks.

And now on to the Main Attraction:  we're still working on using eating utensils.  The other night Liam was eating applesauce and yogurt.  It was... a little runny.  And I think someone was feeling a little silly.

So how does one balance learning to use a spoon and exploring and enjoying food with learning to act like a human being at the dinner table?

I spy, with my little eye, a Cheerio...

...and it was delicious!

Ah, so that is what a well-mannered child looks like... at least for the next 7 seconds.

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