Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boys and Their Toys

We visited Mamaw and Papaw on Sunday after church.  Aunt Lauren, Uncle Nick, Cousin Grayson, and Memaw were all there too, and we shared lunch and an afternoon of playtime.

It is quite possible that the boys had the most fun.  As you can see, they found some "toys" to play with. 

Daddy had a ball riding Grandpa Bill's scooter around the driveway.  By the way, does anyone know of someone who could use an electric scooter?  Mamaw and Papaw are looking to get it out of their garage an to someone who could use it. 

Meanwhile, Papaw and Liam rode around the yard on the miniature Gator.  Supposedly it is "safe."  It runs at a snail's pace, and Liam can't reach the gas pedal.  Grandpa connected a string to the gas pedal so that it only goes when he is holding it.  Mommy is still skeptical.

Even Cousin Grayson got in on the action.

Ropin' horses, checkin' fences... just another day on the ranch.


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